Top-rated iOS apps of 2017

As per measured by Apps Store downloads, the following iOS apps have been on the top of the list. Here are some few most famous iOS apps of 2017:

  1. YouTube: A video channel to show all kinds of videos and has simply left no room for any video channel (owned by Google).
  2. Facebook Messenger: A social media app that allows people to interact through chatting.
  3. Snapchat: A famous app for short-lived or quick self videos.
  4. Uber: An app that serves you transportation on your demand at cheaper rates.
  5. Facebook: A social media app about people’s personal profiles, interests and their social activities.
  6. Bitmoji: A Superb app for fun-loving people that allows them to create their appearance in their favorite cartoon character.
  7. Google Home: A very useful search engine. Write anything in the search box and you will just find it in less than a moment.
  8. Instagram: It provides multimedia and a social media service to people (owned by facebook).
  9. Spotify Music: Provides streaming music with no-profit involved for music lovers.
  10. Netflix: It allows viewers to watch online streaming TV shows and movies as well.

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