Meet “The Wall” -Samsung’s New 146-inch TV!

Samsung is known for introducing big displays in the market. It has always come up with newer and bigger TV screens which create much excitement.  The tech giant has uncovered yet another its most-exciting TV called “The Wall”. It is a cinema screen for all type of home users. To your wonder the size of its screen is 146 inch, which is indeed breathtaking!


This new addition by Samsung has a unique technology of module display. Unlike typical TV features, the concept behind this design is based on the Micro LED TV. This technology is similar as used in movie theaters. The size of the TV will fit end to end with the wall wherever it is fixed according to the size of a house. It can easily merge into any type of surface where it is suspended or fixed.


According to Samsung:


“The users can bring or replace modules to make their TV smaller or bigger, in any formation, replacing former limits on the size of the screen, it should leave almost no effect on the performance of its display.”


The special feature that makes “The Wall” a unique innovation its multiple screens that are assembled together to make one big picture. Its screen is designed in a way to show picture with different aspects and measures.

There are self-releasing Micro LEDs used as well that are comparatively smaller than the present LEDs. This technology embraces a million of micro LEDs to create the best image for the viewer. This technology has a brilliant capacity for unlimited contrast just like OLED TVs. The price of “The-Wall” has not been revealed yet.


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