CES 2018: Vuzix Blade AR might hit the shelves by Q2 2018

Google Glasses, -a form of smart-glasses were introduced by Google back in 2013 with just a cost of 1,500$. A New York based company, Vuzix, has gone a step ahead by bringing yet another advanced form of smart-glass to cater the market of smart-glasses users.  Its brand new product Vuzix Blade AR glasses were showcased at 2018 CES.

The product has the whole display like any other glasses. As an added feature, its power house has been built within its frames. Glasses with AR technology show a virtual screen image though DLP projector called a “wave-guide”. These Glasses could also be connected with iPhone, Bluetooth, Android device and Wi-Fi through internet. Its 8MP camera can record videos in 1080p. It has a full color Cobra II DLP display run by quad Core ARM CPU. AR glasses have a touch pad on its side designed to control voice control, head motion through Android, Alexa or iOs.

According to a report, Vuzix Blade is not a sample for mass production but it does have plans to come up with a consumer version in Q2 2018 and does have plans to get its price down of AR glasses. The current product costs $1,997.

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