CES 2018: The biggest AR VR announcements of the year are here!

2017 has been a year of AR and VR tech and the trend continues. CES 2018 also had some big announcement, revealing of the most fantastic virtual reality and augmented reality devices that are to delight the tech buffs soon. Most noticeable products are here:

Smart Glasses Vuzix with Alexa

Vuzix Blade glasses by Vuzix were one of the best products around that are designed to enhance the aesthetic aspect by giving it a feel of typical pair of glasses along with a service of Alexa. It means don’t take pain of extending your hands to reach your pocket, Alexa is here everywhere. It offers a quick all-in-one solution.

Huawei VR2

In the US, Huawei VR2 comes up with its tethered headset with an ability to be connected with different sources mean having a VR headset that offers you fun from your phone and your PC separately.


HTC Vivo Pro

The place of the most-popular VR headset “full” has now taken by Vivo Pro that is a placid, cool and mature version. This headset is upgraded more than Vive but it could not be replaced. It offers more comfortable head strap, higher resolution displays with in-built headphones and offers slightly lighter frames. It also has a new cable free accessory from HTC enabling you spend time with VR with no hurdles for almost couple of hours.

Lenovo Mirage Solo

Daydream Standalone is no more a dream. You don’t have to keep messing with your phone now if you don’t want to have it in your headset. This product has its very own computer and its display within its headset that could make you play any Daydream game but enables you to slightly move as well. We must expect to hear more about it in future.

Arsenz Thermoglass with FLIR

FLR Thermoglass Arsenz comes up with an idea of placing the shrunken thermal smarts in your headset just like Google Glass. It enables its user to a thermal readout of the world around without creating any hurdles in the view. Your hands need not to be occupied too.


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