More Great Stuff from Consumer Electronics Show, the greatest tech show of the year!

The 2018 Consumer Electronics Show revealed some fascinating and incredible tech products in Las Vegas just recently. Here are some of the technologies that are were brought to limelight:
Quantum Computing

Intel has introduced 49 Qubit chip which was unveiled by Intel CEO Brian Krzanich. Intel told in their press release that the chip will Allow researchers to assess and improve error correction techniques and simulate computational problems.

Intel also announced details of neuromorphic research chip named Loihi. Its function is to make machine learning more proficient, and in future can be used to improve security cameras, and will enable smart city infrastructure to commune with autonomous vehicles.


Sophia the Robot made by Hanson Robotics took her first steps at CES 2018 with brand new legs which  are designed by DRC-Hubo team at the University of Las Vegas, Nevada.
Another Robot made by LG CLOi was also introduced who’s function is to control different home appliances and sort out everyday tasks, it was working fine but after sometime it started to malfunction.

Electric Cars

Fisker’s Emotion electric vehicle is officially revealed at this year’s CES. The car has some prominent specifications like 9 minutes charging, 400 mile range, autonomous driving capabilities, and very smart interior and exterior design. The asking price of the car is $130000.

TVs and Voice Assistants
Samsung and LG are putting digital voice assistants into their TVs in 2018. Samsung will go for its own Bixby assistant which allows its user to search for TV show, any movie, check weather and play a song from Spotify. On the other hand LG has decided to go with Google Assistant which helps the user to search for soundtracks from movies, and turn off the TV.

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