This is the VR headset for kids by Merger

If you love AR tech here is a great news for you. The new Merge Blaster turns your phone into a futuristic shooter for lots of new games. While for VR lovers, the new Merge Mini takes the original VR headset and shrinks it down to be suitable for smaller heads.

After the success of the AR-based Merge Cube and the Merge VR headset in a wide variety of colors, Merge has introduced two new products at CES 2018.

AR Merge based Blaster is a very simple-to-use product for anyone of any age group. This AR Merge Blaster would make your phone turn into a hi tech innovative shooter. It is loaded with a big collection of games. So shooting and gaming all in one.

It is basically a very simple gun- shaped controller to make you feel as you are just a part of your game. You just have to put your phone in the specific slot and use the screen of your phone as the head up display to play any game you like. On seeing the fire that is coming from inside trough the screen, you just have escape out of the way in your real world.

The company will start its shipping these new products hopefully by the end of this summer.


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