CES 2018 reveals top 5 household assisting robots

Advent of new robots is making our household easy by lending a helping hand in a variety of ways. This year CES showcased new line household robots that can help in household chores, protect the homes or even accompany the elders or young ones at home. See the best 5 robots you could choose for your sweet home.

Ubtech Robotics:

It’s a first world’s bi-foot commercialized Walker that provides you a full home butler services. It is designed in way to provide you the home assistance in a smart way and can do multiple functions. Activated by touch screen or voice, it performs home tasks like; video surveillance, video calls, motion detection, calendar management, playing videos a& music, dancing, monitoring security petrol, smart home control and many more.

Aeolus Robot:

“Aeolus” is known to be the first household assistant robot. It is furnished with a very responsive arm which can recognize the objects and can move it and is adjustable to new situations also. It can direct and learn the tasks self-sufficiently.  It has the ability to hold items from the floor and keep it on their defined places. It can do dry mops and vacuum cleaning of the floor. It has very sensitive technology that makes it distinguish between the objects and real family members.


Blue Frog Robotics is poineer in introducing family robots. “Buddy” was showcased at CES this year. With its innocent face and sweet expressions, this robot moves on its two motor fitted wheels. Its microphones, cameras and sensors make it able to listen and communicate. It holds a complete personality and can respond to the environment very well through showing multiple expressions of being sad, grumpy, happy or just angry that makes it more involved to the family members. Surprisingly this robot can connect with your other (smart) devices and could facilitate amusing family members and home protection.


One of the oldest robots by Sony is Aibo which is a robot dog. The company brings its new model ERS 1000. Looks like a real dog, this robot is connected with WiFi, eye lens cameras and loaded with location map software. This dog will learn from his master and will develop its own personality and would act as a partner with his own master. Robot’s behavior is adaptable towards new environment and human interactions. Its natural voice and tail, ear, and eyes movements give this robot a real appearance.

Asimo Humanoid Robot:

Honda made reveal of ASIMO at CES with Experience Empathy & Empower a 3E Robotics Concept technology. It came up with an idea of using artificial intelligence to help people in diversified situations like how to learn from individuals’ contact and how to recover calamity to become more concerned. 3E-B18 is a beautiful amalgamation of human feeling in the form of offering multiple face expressions. 3E-C18 offers its mobility design in accordance to unplanned and outdoor places. 3E-D18 is an off road automatic vehicle to help people in performing a wide range of tasks.



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