The Best Of Mobile VR Gaming: ‘Spark of Light’

Spark of Light is developed by Dutch studio Pillow’s Willow VR Studios. The presents VR gaming at its best. You can join Nerow in the game who is a little boy who lives in a world of  magical creatures. He needs to restore the sun when the world is left in darkness all of a sudden and you are his guide.


The game is set in a miniature world that surrounds players. You need to locate wild fireflies and send them to Nerow. He has to use his own magic to re-energize them to bring light back and progress through the levels.

‘Spark of Light’ has open world and platformer game elements, but the immersion allows for a new kind of closeness for the players with its protagonist. Its a visual delight and a treat for those who love VR gaming experiences at their best.

According to Pillow’s Willow CEO Andy Lurling:

“The game is about building a relationship. It’s about assisting Nerow instead of directly controlling him as an avatar. There is no visual representation of the player, so there is nothing to impersonate, making contact with Nerow feel even more personal. Nerow also looks at the player every once in a while, just like normal people do. During development one of the biggest challenges was to come up with a system that makes indirect control exciting. Once the concept of eternal night came up, designers figured out a way; Nerow needs to be scared of the dark. He only walks once he is near a light source. This can be done by giving Nerow fireflies that the player can collect. Fireflies can also be taken away from Nerow, to be stored into lanterns or fly-wheels: the drivers of machinery within the game.”

Here is a glimpse of Spark of Light:

You can download this fantastic VR mobile game from the Google Play Store.




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