How Augmented Reality is being used for promoting your business today

Technology has progressed manifolds. We have now the privilege of using a big number of apps to promote our business with catchy campaigns. Augmented Reality (AR) is giving an edge to the advertisers and the marketing people at large. AR apps provide unique and creative ways for developing radical campaigns by linking the digital world with the real. AR is most famous for its wide coverage of customers including children to adults of any age. It covers anyone who owns just a smartphone.

The biggest impact of AR has been observed in advertising and marketing side of the financial sector. It has become a finest trend to connect with your customers by developing interactive engagement and a deep sense of loyalty. Let us have look at the famous AR marketing apps being extensively used:

  • Pokemon Go

It is the most famous of the AR games present. It provides a huge variety of marketing ideas. It allows its users to draw in to attract Pokemon to the particular areas by giving an extra advantage to promote the local business in a specific location.

  • The US Postal Service AR App

This app allows its users to scan the collection boxes with their smartphones and have a luxury to a holiday display that could range from dancing penguins to the Christmas lights.

  • A Platform for AR marketing apps ‘Augment’

In this platform the clients make ‘trackers’ which are shown as pointed icons on the screen. A white label app scans these icons to activate a most famous 3D model or a video of the real world.

  • The Weather Forecasts and AR:

Max Reality is software that gives efficient weather forecasts.

  • AMC Theaters:

Now the AMC Cinemas have come into AR marketing along with AR app that shows off the film posters for the users.

  • The Simmons SIMulator:

Great marketing app used to treat the mattress with interactive animations. People could see the material used in mattress. It also tells the advantages of the material used in each part of the mattress.


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