Oculus Go may launch a device with 1,000 Apps, Movies and Games

According to a leaked image on Reddit, the shown image gave a conclusive gaze that may make us think of the ending of retail packaging of Oculus Go. The leaked image showed a box of $200 device with listed available apps that included Facebook, The New York Times, Hulu, Netflix and some others.


Oculus Go will have everything that you need to have a standing or seated VR feel.  Gear VR apps which had been revealed in the past should be able to run on this new gadget. More than 1000 games, apps and movies are also attached to the new gadget of Oculus Go.


Oculus Go is known for selling movies which could be seen in virtual theater. The phones in past along with Gear VR were not able to give smooth VR streaming, a connection and a movie altogether at one time. However, we should keep high hopes from Oculus Go and its new fast functionality and purposeful software that will solve the problems soon.


The leaked image of box also records the offering price of 32GB of the coming device available in many versions with different levels of storage.



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