Hold your breath as phones with diamond screens are just few months away!

2019 might witness the spectacular reveal of a smartphone with a diamond fortified screen display. That glass screen of the phone would be termed as ‘Mirage Diamond Glass’. The manufacturer of this unique phone is Akhan Semiconductors.

Akhan Semiconductors has a niche of development and production of nanocrystalline (a material which is made of miniscule particles). The company claims that the new glass used in the making of this phone has a strong and hard material that has never been used before. The Mirage Diamond glass would be made from the laboratory grown diamonds that would be used with the blend of other screen technologies like Gorilla Glass 3 and Corning.

It is for sure that the material used in this unique phone would be expensive as well as shiny. But it would deserve to be expensive as it made of diamond which is the strongest natural element ever available to the mankind. The screen of this expensive phone would be hard to break.


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