Is your ‘Search Engine Optimization’ being over paid? Check Here!

Search engine optimization is a bit complicated but not difficult at all. One requires the knowledge of multiple interrelating ranking variables and facts which if something among them goes wrong, you are required to point out the root cause and then take a purposeful action to sustain the growth.

Here I will help you get to know the very important factors that determine the usefulness of your online marketing campaign. You have to be vigilant about the following things to identify if your money is well spent on SEO or not.

  • See the outcomes

Primary step to be taken is to see the outcomes that you are gaining after a specific period of time of the involvement of SEO. How much traffic influx have you observed? Did you see any change in your rankings? This might make you aware of your SEO strategy. Do identify the growth curve of results. It will enable you to judge the quality of results shown because of your SEO.

  • Analyse your ROI

Your company’s SEO may be effective in increasing the natural traffic instantly. But how much is it actually benefitting you really matters? Analyze your ROI by setting an average value you receive by each web visitor. Then multiply this value by the average growth in traffic per month you SEO is giving you. You could easily compare this figure with the money spent on SEO on a monthly basis.

As there are superb resources that greatly help you learn the very basics of SEO yet a lot of entrepreneurs prefer their SEO to be outsourced by some vendor that charge between $1,000 to $10,000 per month.  Let us explain you to identify if you are overpaying your SEO? Here are the few indicators when:

  • You are not given the real value services as per your paid money

If you have paid within mutually agreed average but still are not receiving the services as promised or the quality of service that should be provided then you must be overspending.

  • You are not attaining enough results

You definitely have overpaid if you are not attaining your sufficient results as projected then your ROI must be negative.

  • You are paid more than the current market rate

If you have paid to SEO above than the current considerable market rates then you are certainly overpaying.


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