Nintendo is bringing its new mobile online game ‘Mario Kart Tour’

Nintendo is not just a game maker but a rather fun maker. Nintendo’s recent big announcements reveal Mario with Despicable Me Studio due in September this year. Nintendo also revealed their upcoming mobile game ‘Mario Kart Tour’. The celebrated Kart Racer would also be reaching mobiles hopefully by the end of this year.  Since Nintendo has not revealed much about the game yet its catchy logo tells lot.

Whether this game wins or loses money not for sure. If we track back, Nintendo started with ‘Miitomo’ as an experiment. Their ‘Super Mario Run’ couldn’t gain the expected liking but ‘Fire Emlem Heroes’ & ‘Pokemon Go’ gave them big profits.

Success or failure of ‘Mario Kart Tour’ is still uncertain and there exists 50%-50% chances. They might go for ‘try n buy’ as told by Nintendo. However, Paul Tassi doesn’t not expect that ‘Mario Kart Tour’ would draw you 3, 4 o5 star racer by offering you advantages.

In the game you might have to pay extra money for new tracks and the racers. Some people guess that this game may end up being a kind of endless runner. But it seems Mario Kart Tour would have an auto drive concept. Or maybe it would come up with entirely different story that would be known to us soon. Let us keep our fingers crossed till Nintendo reveals more.

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