VR chatroom app can further advance the VR industry

VR Chat is a chat app available on the internet. VR chatroom installs rose from 4000 to 2 million in January 2018. VR Chat download could be done either from headset or on the screen. The VR headset could be the sign of a big VR industry yet to be explored.

As being a smart technology investor you would always be keen to see what would happen next. If we analyze the investment standards we would know that VR spread might be fine but not had been great so far as compared to the spread of smartphones.

In order to maximize the advantage of VR technology, we need to get VR headsets of HTC Vive or Oculus Rift. We must have a computer that could run the hardware as well.  It will make our investment worthwhile. VR hardware should also be made available to run VRChat easily.

More about VR Chat

Once you entered first VR chatroom, you will get an avatar that can be changed. You can enter in many chat rooms at one time. It will make you enjoy the avatar talks with expressions and gestures. You could also avail the mirror facility that how you look like being an avatar. It just feels as you are walking in a cyberspace mall engaging yourself while talking to the strangers.

Would the VR technology take VRChat to the main industry?

Besides VRChat which is made for your fascination, there is still another AltspaceVR also that came in 2015. However it failed because of lack of finances. Microsoft bought the AltspaceVR in 2017 but it failed to attain the popularity as VRChat.

VR chat will soon enter in the main stream industry and we expect it to rise and gain a widespread. It is true that VR Chat will stay regardless of its actual contribution in the industry. Only time would tell or some stimulus that pushes it to make its entry in the main industry.


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