Samsung’s Galaxy S10 might be called as ‘X’ as trenching ‘S’ Series; gossip tells

It may sound a little weird but it true that Samsung is seriously thinking of changing the naming pattern of its future launching flag phone series. It is still doubtful yet there is buzz around, which might turn into a reality.

The source of this buzz is South Korea which tells that upcoming flagship phones like S9 and S9+ would be the last series that would carry the ‘S’ Series names. However the phone in the coming year will turn into ‘X’ series so would be termed as Galaxy X.

The rationale behind choosing this X factor while naming might be copying Apple’s style of naming as of iPhone X. There are chances that this Galaxy X by Samsung is the probable imitation of Apple’s flagship phones. We have yet more say that the upcoming foldable smartphone of Samsung might be named as Samsung Galaxy X leaving us a big hint about this gossip that is soon turning into a reality.


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