Just as Allo, Android Messages might enable you to send messages from web

Google has the privilege of having the best messaging apps. However, the best of ideas have been offered in Allo. It seems like Google is making preparations for bringing the best of Allo’s features and a new web interface accessible on SMS app Android messages.

If we track back, last year Google offered a new feature of Allo of continued talks from the desktop. But it wasn’t picked by people at large. It has been guessed that Google is designing a new interface just as Allo that would use QR codes to create a link to a web to interact with the SMS messages.

It seems it would allow its users to get signed in to a computer with their chosen browser to send and read their messages. Its notifications would also be seen within the Android. It would give an impression as the phone is connected with computer. The app would also allow several computers to be compatible and supported.

Through this app RCS utility is surely on upswing. Hence Google’s new addition is greatly applauded. We however are still away from that expected exciting app which would enable us to experience the new technology to enjoy Google’s Android Messages in an exciting and interactive way.


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