7 Great Methods to Start a VR Café


Almost 3 decades back the internet cafés were in full swing across the world. They facilitated users to get an easy online access and proved especially useful for those who didn’t have internet facility at home.  Hats off to the Virtual Reality technology that promised to change the entire industry. You have now a window of opportunity opened as you can turn your place into an internet café by bringing you revenues too.

Here are 7 new ways that can help you develop your own internet café that might include renting out your place for the organization which want to provide VR content to the people around you.

VR Games Business:

The VR game room service will bring a quick crowd of people who are fond of playing VR games.  As many people can’t afford of purchasing a good VR headset you can make the most of it as well. It will bring the decent revenues. Think of providing this service to your instant neighbour, area or simply a VR arcade would gain an instant click.

Advantage: You will gain good revenues.

Disadvantage: VR games require more of a space than traditional café setup. So if you don’t have ample place, it might be difficult for you to start with.

Providing VR Escape Rooms:

VR escape rooms dips the VR game players in a narrow space from which the “escaping” is a must by solving logical problems, riddles etc. to win the game. So escape rooms are very interactive. Booking 4-5 people at one time is a general practice.

Advantage: its interactive ambience

Disadvantage: its design customization

VR-based Training:

You can rent out your space for VR based training. Some developers develop VR Training software for multiple industries. Your client will bring their own VR software, you just need to provide the minimum hardware support at a minimum level.

Advantage: You will gain corporate clients

Disadvantage: You need to meet hardware requirements

VR Workshops:

You can even offer VR workshops to the local business. You can add value by giving informative handouts. Small and medium entities could be your clients.

Advantage: You will attract corporate clients

Disadvantage: Expertise

VR Based Education:

You can even rent your facility for VR based education. In this, you can target schools rather than organizations train their employees for using VR education. Only a few schools are privileges to have VR gear but many have still not. So many schools would like to use your space few times a year.

Advantage: You will attract Academics

Disadvantage: Hardware requirements

VR Events:

You can even rent your space for VR events of many corporate organizations in your area.

Advantage: will gain corporate support

Disadvantage: Getting the licensing rights for VR content

Giving Amenities:

Be just simple. It will even work out so well. You can provide few amenities for your guests. It could include food and beverages, document scanning, printing and any service they are willing to pay you.

Advantage: Requires low cot

Disadvantage: Requires increased supplies and staff

The final word

VR café business may not disturb anyone around you. If you have a passion to deliver something effectively then you must think of these great ways to kick start.


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