Moss is a fantastic new PSVR Mouse Game that is worth your life!

Moss the adventure game at VR PlayStation is a great game for those who love VR and mice! Quill is a hero mouse of Moss. She makes us feel like a friend. The small wonder world of the Quill is too cute to be true. We get a chance to use our powers to exploit the tricky puzzles and move heavy blocks, and give a hand to the Quill’s enemies. At times, we become Quill herself by using our controller and jumping from place to another with a swinging sword.

Game review: Moss is one of the best VR games ever

People are just going crazy for this game mouse that uses the sign language. In the forthcoming VR Moss game, its tiny little hero might take a use of non verbal cues and screech as well. Moss is a favourite pet shop crowded with rows of complicated cages bringing new opportunities and challenges.

Have a glimpse of this amazing PSVR game Moss right here:

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