VR arcade in Dubai Mall brings a gigantic VR Park that uses StarVR headset facility

StarVR headset is a big attraction at a newly launched VR arcade in Dubai. Emaar Entertainment has created a VR Park in a gigantic Dubai Mall. This VR arcade covers almost two floors of the mall. Its main attractions are a wide range of VR games and movies with a single and multiplayer facility. It also has AR and experimental technology displays. So much so an indoor rollercoaster could also be enjoyed.

The major VR attractions at this VR arcade includes Overkill’s The Walking Dead-Outbreak, The Mummy Prodigium Strike, John Wick Chronicles,  APE-X, The Raft, Payday and The VR Heist.

This VR arcade has a facility for using the StarVR headset.  These headsets are the creation of Starbreeze. StarVR headset is not like HTC Vive or Oculus Rift’s consumer headsets. Rather it is majorly used for location-based installations like IMAX VR arcades. StarVR Headset shows a 210 degree of field view with 5K resolution. It also has a competent tracking system which suits multiple types of needs.

If in you ever had a chance to land in Dubai, you better not miss out visiting this fantastic VR arcade or you will surely regret!


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