AutoSaw is a new carpenter robot by MIT

The research team at MIT has developed a robot-assisted carpentry system that is capable of creating customized furniture and its fittings to make the process easier, safer and cheaper of course. The system is termed as AutoSaw. It has designing software and a semi autonomous robot.

The person using AutoSaw will choose from the four available templates options from any furniture like table, chair, shed or anything. Then he will alter it its size and shape according to his taste. This customized order’s instructions will further go to robot which picks it up and saw the needed materials to make it according to the ordered size. It will then be the user’s turn to put the finished product assembled.

Presently the AutoSaw engages the human’s slipped instructions. Jeffrey Lipton from MIT CSAIL says it is just the beginning and the AutoSaw has proven that how the robots can fit well at the workplace of a carpenter or a joiner.

“By creating these tools we don’t want to replace carpenters-we want to improve Safety and augment their skillset.”

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