Japan will now enjoy the AR Navigation Mode on ‘Yahoo! MAP’

Yahoo has taken an experimental twist by updating iOS based Yahoo MAP app to add a new AR mode as an experiment which puts on a blue pathway on the physical world to be followed to reach your actual destination.

This AR feature has been set for walking routes presently that could be taken from Japan-based Apple devices which are running iOS 11. In order to activate the AR Mode, the users need to type their destination and then they have to select their ‘walking route’ and press ‘AR Mode’.

A path in blue color appears. Arrows tell the direction of your travel. ’Paw prints’ (footprints) will follow you if you are heading rightly towards your destination. The distance to be traveled is shown by Sign posts which appear at consistent time intervals.

At the finish of your travel, you will be welcomed and amused by getting a lovely cartoon character. This is certainly a great AR feature in the Yahoo! Maps which can make navigation more exciting and convenient.

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