The first ever AR App by BBC made its first appearance!

The BBC has announced its first ever AR app that is giving access to a variety of objects which are added in a blue chip as realistic series of Civilizations.

This app has been designed by BBC’s in-house R&D division. The AR app presents more than 30 artifacts from different museums and galleries across the world which could be easily scanned and are available in 3D view in the virtual display.

This app could be downloaded for free on Android and iOS and was developed in collaboration with above 30 galleries and museums from all over the world.

First debuted on BBC2, the Executive Product Manager Eleni Sharp stated:

This app enables users to explore an amazing range of exhibits while enabling the BBC R&D team to experiment with a new technology and test how a new format can complement a linear show. However, this is just the first outing for the app. We’ve designed and built it to be a totally reusable product, and we will be looking to develop more AR projects in the future once we have had the chance to analyze the data from this one.”

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