How to get Android P on your smartphone NOW

Google just unfolded its latest version of Android mobile operating system with cool  features and minor changes in its visuals. Here is everything for you to know about Android P and how can you get that on your phone.

The latest Android P

The contentious upgrade in Android P is whether the notch will be compatible with all other iPhone X copycats. You are required to enable the Developer Options in Android P and it will give you a big list of choices to make and will take you to the Drawing section where you “simulate a display with a cutout”.

Updated Android P includes rounded corners to its setting menu and also offers new methods for user to quickly respond to the notifications and messages by picking “Smart replies” option.

Another exciting plus is its new battery –saving feature which stops the inactive apps from using your sensors, mic or camera. Google promises its Autofill function will wonders in making you remember your passwords.

How to get Android P on your device?

The first beta Android Developer preview is limited to Google’s Pixel and Pixel 2. It is a bit risky so better try it on your old first generation Pixel. Download the system image of Android P and you will see a long list of different versions for different Pixel phones.

How can we get it on the other Android devices?

No Pixel phone? Still there is an unofficial launcher for Android P that makes your phone pretends like an upgraded smartphone but lacks in features. Download APK on your Android phone then press “Install” and then “home” button. It will ask you to choose a launcher. Go for “Pixel launcher”. If it is Samsung, you are done, if no then press the home button again. Re-choose the launcher. Select “Always” to make it a default.

Go to Settings and Apps. Tap on Pixel Launcher and Permissions to get it accessible to the basic processes it requires like storage and area locations.


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