146-inch modular ‘The Wall’ TV by Samsung will be available this August

Samsung has revealed its modular 146-inch “The Wall” TV. This exciting TV was showcased at the CES and it will probably be obtainable this year in August.

This new ‘The Wall’ is packed with MicroLED technology. Samsung promises to deliver the same picture quality to OLED displays but it will deliver improved lifespan.

The whole display of modular TV ‘The Wall’ is comprised of MicroLED panels and it could be customized as per to the customers’ needs according to their wall size requirements that could ranges from 4:3 to 1:1 aspect ratios.

The new used modular technology of The Wall TV; this is quite obvious that it might not be low-cost TV when it comes to its price. It will surely be an expensive one.

The price of the Wall tv has not been defined and revealed yet. But it will be the most expensive and luxurious sets ever produced by Samsung.


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