AR glasses by Bose use the sound facility rather than sight!

AR technology uses the sense of sight but now it is no more a rule. Bose an audio company has revealed its “Bose AR” this year at SXSW. There it showcased a pair of its prototype glasses that are grounded by sound base AR technology.

The company has plans to send 10,000 of these glasses to its manufacturers and developers this summer in order to partner with other eyewear expert companies.

The unique approach of Bose AR glasses technology combines the motion sensors with the GPS info of your phone connected through Bluetooth which detects the user and its nine-axis sensor defines which direction the user is looking or moving. Speakers channelize the sound towards the user’s ears.

The developers can mark locations in order to stimulate particular audio hints.

According to Santiago Carvajal, the Bose category business manager:

“We are in conversations with a number of wearable hardware manufacturers in the eyewear space,”

The price of this AR eyewear technology device is still undefined and will depend mainly on the company producing it.

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