Fight in the real world with this AR Street Fighter II

While there are plenty of augmented reality experiences, most of them are really a dud. The ones that are really mind-blowing are those that call for much investment. But there are some who are trying hard to have figured out how they can make AR accessible as well as great. Here is a new project that brings Street Fighter II classic game to life as a multiplayer game that you can play in the real world. Sounds cool?

“It’s kind of like a real life Mexican standoff except you have your virtual gladiators fighting in this ring between you. So it really is a live multiplayer AR experience, fully functional and playable.”

The game is built by Abhishek Singh and is called Street Fighter II: Real World Warrior thanks to ARKit in Unity that you can play it on an iPhone. All the models and elements in the game are in 3D as he “wanted people to be able to walk around the ring and the characters.”

One person needs sets up the game on a flat surface while another can join the game. As the two are ready and choose their fighter the game begins.



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