This is the New Japanese Mobile Game that Gives you a Chance to Earn Real Bitcoin!

Itadaki Dungeon is a new Japanese game that rewards adventurers with real-time bitcoin!  The app is designed for bot iOS and Android and is free to play.  features thousands of underground levels with both dangers and rewards along the way. Stashed among the 3,000 courses that you are required to to navigate are micro bitcoin payments that allows you for achieving in-game objectives.

Screenshot Image

Atstage Inc, the company that launched the game, has followed the emerging trend among Japanese video game makers, where cryptocurrency rewards incentivize gamers. A number of Japanese mobile apps and games are now following the trend of  rewarding players with virtual currency.

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Android users can download Itadaki Dungeon at the Google Play Store right here.

iOS users can download the game by following this link.


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