Shadowgun Legends is the new RPG shooter mobile game now available on Android and iOS!

This is a new and exciting mobile shooter games that you can add to your collection! Madfinger Games is known for the exciting gameplay experience their Shadowgun mobile games provide. Here is a new title from the team called Shadowgun Legends.

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Shadowgun Legends is a new game that provides an epic story campaign in addition to as well as competitive and cooperative multiplayer moade. The game includes “an innovative social hub” which is the best part where players around the globe get a chance to come across each other and communicate.

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Shadowgun Legends story campaign should offer over 200 missions on 4 planets. But the best thing about this game is that it gives a chance to join forces with up to 3 friends and take on enemy bosses in raids for loot. You can enjoy a PvP mode as well where you can  fight with other players in special arenas.


Shadowgun Legends is now available for both iOS and Android users.


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