Domino launches a new game that tells different ways to order a Pizza totally!

The Domino’s pursuit to grab their customers’ loyalty is just amusing. It has come up with a mobile game that awards its players to get points to grab a free Pizza.

Domino’s mobile game ‘Pie Pursuit’ gets its players in the mid of Rube Goldberg machine to explain the different methods for its players to order pizza free. The game has been design pizza-theme tests. Stephen Kennedy, Director of loyalty AT Domino’s said:

“Find engaging ways to reinforce the benefits of the program and the competitive difference that you can earn points no matter how you order at Domino’s, unlike the other major national pizza companies.”

This game gives different ways to get the benefit of playing the game and by using your competitive skills to earn point to enjoy a free pizza.

Get ready players to complete six levels of game and earn 10 Piece of Pie Rewards. You have to earn 60points for a medium two topping pizza. Isn’t that yummy and cheezy! The game can be accessed from Google Play and iTunes.

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