Report: This mobile game made $15 million on iOS in just a month!


While all game developers dream to make millions on the app stores, there are very few who are able to turn this dream into a reality. Here is a game that really did what others only image to do. Fortnite mobile has already made $15 million in less than a month in the App Store. This game has not even been released on Android so far but it has done a tremedous job on the App Store already. While the amount may look impressive, it’s not  surprising as this game raked in $1.5 million in just first 4 days.

Fortnite has been downloaded 11 million times so far and the game still holds the spot of being number one app in over 20 countries for iPhone downloads, including the US.

Android users do not have to feel depriced since the Android version of Fortnite is already in being developed. After the success of this mobile game on iOS platform, let us wait and see how well it performs in the Google Play Store.

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