Google Play apps downloads hits 19.2bn in the early 2018

According to latest report from App Annie which keeps a close eye on the most popular applications of Android and iOS platforms, Google Play still leads because of its 10 million downloads. It enjoys a total of 8 billion downloads worldwide. Google Play apps download hits the figure 0f 19.2 billion in the first quarter of the year 2018.


This huge number of downloads specially in the first quarter of the year is because there has been a huge download of games as well. The major part has taken by the two famous games that are Fortnite and PUBG. These two games embraced their western releases because of their mobile counterparts in the start of the year 2018.


Fortnite is only limited for iOS because its Android version is gaining its last finishing touch. However for the Android players, PUBG Mobile has been accessible for over a month.  Both these two games have taken the download figures pretty high which have made Google Play a champion.

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