YouTube now has ‘Autoplay on Home’ feature for videos on Home screen

YouTube Android version now enjoys an exciting new feature called ‘Autoplay on Home’. It is designed to help automatically plays videos while you browse on the Home screen of YouTube. Sounds cool!


‘Autoplay on Home’ enables you to view a muted version of the topmost video on your Home screen during browsing. You will also get a waveform in the bottom right corner of the thumbnail showing if there is sound or not.
‘Autoplay on Home’ is just available on your Home screen of the YouTube app. It means that videos will not play in case you’re in the Subscription, Trending, or other tabs. Note that this feature wont begin if you’re playing a picture-in-picture video already.
To enjoy this new feature you need to go to Settings –> Autoplay–>Autoplay on Home. Remember not to worry in case ‘Autoplay on Home’ is available for your device yet, since it has just started hitting Android devices so may take some time.

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