Great new for VR fans! VR has Battle Royale now!

VR is getting even more interesting as time is passing by. After many rumours about Call of Duty and Battlefield getting VR, battle royale has got VR finally! Rec Room is the VR social club that allows you to play games with others. It is now to get a new mode called Rec Royale. Rec Royal will be there on June 7 as per the report that we have got so far.

The battlefield will be a national park with all attractions like summer camp, lakes, outposts and your hunt for loot and for that you will also be provided with a bag pack to hold all of the loot.

We cannot compare Rec Royale with 100 player games like Fortnite and PUBG but can expect that its mechanics and gameplay will be like that of Battle Royale standards.

With the option to build your own game, the PSVR players will be able to play against Oculus Rift and HTC Vive players as it works on cross-platform mode. You can check out Rec Royale right here:

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