Vivo Apex: First full screen phone will be launched on 12th June

The Chinese mobile company Vivo has become the first company to introduce a bezel-less or a mobile with full front as screen. The company announced that on June 12th, the all screen model will be launched named “Vivo Apex”.

Vivo Apex has three crazy features: all-screen design with no interruptions, the pop-up camera and in-display fingerprint scanner. As per the company, the new phone will continue Vivo’s vision with Apex FullView Concept Smartphone. The statement is somewhere confusing as if this device is about to “continue the vision”, as we might see a device not absolutely identical to the prototype.

Vivo phones are popular Asia and not sold in USA and overall. We need to wait and see if Vivo Apex proved to be an exception and come to the rest of the world.

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