Roam freely in Stormland, the most amazing VR open world ever!

If you are in love with VR (virtual reality) here is a great news for you. The most amazing and open-world VR game ever is on its way! Oculus Studios and Insomniac Games have joined hands to come up with the biggest, and most expansive VR experience called Stormland.


It is an open-world game that gives you the power in the body of an android whose existence involves gardening on an alien planet. You need to repair your body after a hostile threat, and look for fellow androids, and battle the enemy droids.


Stormland is more like open-world games such as Assassin’s Creed, Fall out etc. It is deeply inspired by The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild while in terms of outlook it seems to be inspired by animated films such as WALL-E by Pixar and and Elysium and No Man’s Sky.


You need to wait for another year or so it you can play Stormland. For now enjoy its trailer right here:




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