The Tech Trends from China

From coverage of Uber’s merger with Chinese Didi Chuxing to the popular bike-sharing apps, China’s technology sector dominated headlines in 2016. Soon after China’s tech scene emerged, the conversation has moved from questioning if Chinese firms can revolutionize to how Western firms can imitate the success of Chinese mobile apps like WeChat. Now analysts …

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Google: Best Android Apps of 2017

Google has just released a list of the most downloaded apps that appeared on the Play Store in 2017. It has also published the top apps that are recommended by the editors at Play Store. FaceApp is the most popular new app of 2017. It is a Russian photo app …

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The Superb Supermoon 2017

Supermoon was witnessed in various parts of the world. Sky watchers got to see a brighter and bigger moon as its was at its closest distance to Earth. Supermoon exists for the reason that the moon orbits the Earth it does so in an oval or elliptical shape. It implies …

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