Sadia Khan

How to Develop Quality Educational Apps

It is worth noting that not only technology but the education sector is also geared up because of emerging educational mobile apps for providing better ways for online education. The concept of e-learning has given a new meaning to the learning with fun in a personalized environment.  The virtual classrooms …

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Top 10 Free Android Apps of 2018

The competitive edge of Android is its big network of app system.  There are tons of apps billions of people download within seconds. Some are paid while others totally free. Let us look at some of the top free Android apps you can enjoy this year: Blue Mail It is …

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What you must know about Android 9.0

Everyone is thinking about the new name and expected features of the upcoming Android 9.0? What would it be called? When actually will come out its users? How the upcoming Android 9.0 will be named? As we have seen the previous update versions of Android 9.0 which have been named …

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