Learn coding while playing on “Grasshopper”

It wasn’t that easy to learn coding before the release of new mobile app “Grasshopper” on Wednesday by Google. With different smartphone games, tutorial and quizzes, you’ll learn the basics of coding including basic animation and building blocks of programming. The developer goal was to enable adults to learn basic …

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New smart listing process on eBay

eBay has made it more convenient to sell on its platform to attract more people after facing a tough competition by other resale apps like OfferUp, LetGo and Facebook’s Marketplace. Instead of filling out large forms you can now list your items in seconds with eBay’s mobile app. Just scan …

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Huawei plans to enter 5G world

It’s yet to be confirmed either any of the existing variants will be upgraded to 5G or a new flagship will be introduced but Huawei has confirmed that its first 5G enabled phone will be launched in third quarter of 2019. Back in February, Huawei uncovered its first 5G modem …

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