Smartwatch concept has been redefined

We know some time it’s difficult to tap and swiped things on smart watches due to the smile display area. Sooner than later this issue will be resolved as next generation smart watch prototype named LumiWatch has been created by researchers at Carnegie Mellon University. The smart watch will project …

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Updated version of spectacles by Snap

Snap has introduced updated version of its video recording glasses. With ability to upload pictures and HD videos to a smartphone faster than the previous generation, the updated spectacles will be water resistant. Users can get the spectacles in onyx, ruby and sapphire for $149.99 as compared to $129.99 for …

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Qualcomm will continue to power Apple in 2018

Despite of the coordination established between Intel and Apple in last few years, the Apple is expected to rely on Qualcomm in 2018. It can be seen that Apple is clearly interested to use Intel entirely but keeping in mind Intel’s ability to supply the chips, Apple will gradually increase …

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