Twitter is testing Twitter Lite Mobile App

Twitter Lite is being tested by Twitter at the moment. The idea of designing the lite app is to facilitate countries with slow data. Facebook and Google are trimming down their mobile apps as well for regions with slow data problem in particular. Slow networks and limited data plans do …

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Gmail/Inbox exciting new feature

When you highlight an address, email, or phone number in Android Oreo, you will see a suggestion bar that open the appropriate app on your phone thanks to machine learning. Interestingly, Gmail and Inbox are getting the same feature. Gmail users often exchange information like addresses and phone numbers with …

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Google Earth VR App getting Street View

Google just announced that its Google Earth VR app is being updated in order to support Street View images. The official Google blog reads: With Google Earth VR, you can go anywhere in virtual reality. Whether you want to stroll along the canals of Venice, stand at the summit of …

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