Shaun the Sheep AR Viewer

If you are in love with the AR tech here is an app that is worth exploring. This app allows you to use the Shaun the Sheep Augmented Reality viewer to bring special Shaun pictures to life! This app brings an all new idea that is exciting for gamers from …

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Best Android game: 99 Bricks Wizard Academy

99 Bricks Wizard Academy is wonderful android game that can provide you with nonstop fun. The game revolves around the idea of building the highest tower. Here is your chance to explore a magical world and learn powerful spells to improve your building skills. In this game you can dress …

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Best Android Game: Daddy Long Legs

While the name may sound weird to you, Daddy Long Legs is a fabulous time killer that is unique in every way. It is the endless walker on stilts. Your job is to take “control” of a little, hairy creature. Put one leg in front of the other and try …

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