How To’s

How to Reset Google Home

Resetting Google home is a easy thing to do, but those who may not feel confident need to know how to go about it. Most of you must be thinking you just have to say factory reset and the Google will factory reset but that’s not the case as Google …

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How to Quick Launch Galaxy S8 Camera

                              So many times there is a great opportunity to capture just a perfect moment from your camera, but this is missed by the time it takes to open your phones camera. The best thing is things are not like before, phone companies have found a way to launch the …

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What to do when you give your child a smartphone?

While there are tons of benefits of smartphones, there are some downsides as well. Particularly for kids it can be a dangerous gadget other than being a useful device. That is why before giving a mobile phone to your child you have to take some important steps. Set a password. …

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