IOT: Cowlar – Revolutionizing Dairy Products Industry

IOT: Cowlar represent the feat of home-grown technological products that can aid the local economy and public to a considerable extent. A Pakistani-made product from Mr. Umer Adnan (Founder and CEO of E4 Technologies), Cowlar is an Igadget (Internet-of-Things product) that has the power to improve things for our farmers. …

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Cybertecture Mirror on the Wall, Tell Us about ALL!

An Internet-Connected, Intelligent Mirror to Help You Enjoy a Wealth of Information Right in Your Mirror! Had the wicked Queen from Snow White access to a Cybertecture Mirror, she would have had much more to think about than who was the fairest in the land. We’re still trying to rub …

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Is Nod Really The Lord of the Rings?

A Ring that adds Gestural Controls to Everything from Computers to Smart Appliances Waterproof, wireless, and it sits on your forefinger, Nod is a ring that aims to add gestural controls to everything from computers to Google Glass to smart appliances, and it’s coming this year. If you’ve ever dreamed …

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