Google Wallet’s new web app has been launched

The team of Google Wallet has announced that its new web app is now available. When Android Pay was launched Google Wallet went through a number of changes. Android Pay became Google’s main virtual mobile payment platform. At the same time, Google Wallet became an app that enables people with a US …

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Google is testing a new Play Store UI

While the Google Play Store gets minor changes and updates once in a while, now we are to get a major update. The existing UI has been there for a year now and it seems now that the company is testing another minor update for the app. Some users are …

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Google Pixel adoption surpassing Nexus 6P in week 1

Google as well as its carrier partners are paying much more attention to the adverstising around the Pixel and Pixel XL compared to previous Nexus generations. Both have better adoption than last year’s phone. Rates would even be higher if the supply problem did not exist. Growth would have been …

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