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Low Code App Development – Part 2

Inspirations for a Low-code Platform   Build > Buy > Build: The Cycle of Custom App Development   Let’s delve deeper into on how enterprises dealt with custom business app development. Business Imperatives over Technology One of the major issues with traditional app development approaches is that they are too technology-oriented, …

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Low Code App Development – Part 1

Low-code platforms have truly taken root and are here to replace traditional approaches to app development. They give businesses the power to create the apps they need quickly and easily, taking much of the pressure off IT. What are Low-Code Platforms? Low-code platforms emphasize the idea of an app and …

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Pokémon-tracking apps rise to the top of App Store

Nintendo’s game has sat at the No. 1 spot in Apple’s App Store since it launched earlier this month but now two other Pokémon apps have joined it at the top of the charts: Poke Radar and Helper for Pokémon Go, both Pokémon-locating apps. The premise of these apps is …

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