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PayPal as payment method across Google ecosystem

Google Play lets you make payments with PayPal but this is the time to expand the partnership between Google and PayPal. The expansion will result in more payment options in other apps as well like option to pay via PayPal in-store, online and in-app with Google Pay and on Chrome mobile web. …

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Google decides to reshape Gmail

Google is ready to bring its key transformation in one of its well-known G Suite browser based office app and will soon unfold its plans to reshape the key features of Gmail account. The secret news of reshaping Gmail oozed by some G Suite customers who posted few screenshot images …

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Gmail/Inbox exciting new feature

When you highlight an address, email, or phone number in Android Oreo, you will see a suggestion bar that open the appropriate app on your phone thanks to machine learning. Interestingly, Gmail and Inbox are getting the same feature. Gmail users often exchange information like addresses and phone numbers with …

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