6 Mistakes to Avoid While Developing an App

Controlling scope, budget issues and more, app development comprises several things that you need to take care of. It also involves numerous resources such as designers, developers, analysts, testers, and technical writers. Since app development has such a wide scope, you need to be careful while developing an app or else you may end up making terrible mistakes.

Watch out of these 6 pitfalls when developing your next app:

  1. Too Many Features

Are you trying to stuff every feature of your website into the app? Don’t. Your app should have a simple navigation with features that are necessary. More features will crowd the space and tend to confuse the user while too less features will make your app less user-friendly. Always remember your target audience. Find out which features they prefer and then work on those expectations.

  1. Developers and Designers on different pages

It is very important for the app development and designing team to work closely. The process of app development is smoother when both developing and the designing team are on the same page. Designers must understand the view of developers as developing and coding an app takes time and developers should try to understand a designer’s view.

  1. Building for Several Platforms, Together

It can be enticing to start building your app for multiple platforms together but it is not the right thing to do. When you start building for multiple platforms together you increase the engineering costs. The project takes more time as well. Once an app is finalized on one platform, you can think of building it on other platforms.

  1. Not Being Prepared for Internet Disruption

Is your app totally dependent on constant internet connection? It is not always possible. But if your app can have its core functionalities work even without continuous internet connectivity, it will make your app more adaptable and more popular with users who do not have smartphones connected to internet all the time.

  1. Not Having a Good Project Manager

Do you need a good project manager when developing an app? Yes, you do. Why? For starters, he remains a reliable and a single point of contact for all the information you need. He knows about everything that is going on and at what stage. Having a good project manager may cost you a bit more but he is worth every penny. He handles all the variables and crises and in the end helps you save more time and money.

  1. Not Having a Good Marketing Strategy

If you are developing an app, you need to have prelaunch, launch and post launch strategies. People need to know you exist. You can use blogs, you can pitch your app to marketers, bloggers, reviewers and social media influencers who can then reach out to the masses.

The Final Word

Take care of the basic issues discussed here as they are the most common pitfalls. If you pay attention and ensure that the key elements are in control, the project cycle also becomes easier to manage. Of course like all developers you may still err but you got to learn from mistakes as that is the only way to shorten the learning curve. Good luck!



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