Is Nod Really The Lord of the Rings?

A Ring that adds Gestural Controls to Everything from Computers to Smart Appliances


Waterproof, wireless, and it sits on your forefinger, Nod is a ring that aims to add gestural controls to everything from computers to Google Glass to smart appliances, and it’s coming this year. If you’ve ever dreamed of waving your hand and controlling your thermostat, TV, computer, garage, or lights, Nod is a Bluetooth ring that shares that dream. It’s a gadget that promises gestural control for everything.

One Bluetooth Ring to Rule All Your Devices

The ring itself is small, and waterproof up to 5ATM, with IP68 dust and water protection. Once charged, it lasts about a day. Inside are a variety of motion sensors, including a nine-axis accelerometer, plus two Cortex M3 processors. On the outer edge is a touch-bar and extra button controls. It works like a superpowered pointer: point and move your finger, and a cursor moves around wherever you’re aiming.

Uses of Nod

  • Making Presentations and Lectures. Nod could be a little executive keynote remote. It controls and accurate pointing could make presentations and lectures its best use case.
  • Security purposes. The Nod could also be a device to enable an extra layer of device-based security: it could help unlock a phone, or be used to log into a computer.
  • Ambient Control. The Nod could also be used for turning on and off lights, adjusting temperature, or unlocking a door. It has both gesture and proximity-sensing, and recognizes one-, two-, or three-finger motions, along with swiping and rotating.


Nod’s founders claim Nod will work with LG TVs from 2012 and later, Macs and PCs, as well as Android and iOS. Google Glass will be able to run apps that work with Nod, and there’s promised support with Nest, Hue, GoPro, WeMo, and even Roku, along with Nod Labs partnerships with Broadcom, Boxfish, and Metaio for future applications and interfaces.

Keep Your Fingers Crossed!

The Nod reminds of a Leap Motion controller minus wires that’s been shrunk down to fit on a finger. Will it succeed in being the real lord of the ring for everything? Keep your fingers crossed!


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