Attention Android Game Developers!

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Android Game Developers. Google has been striving to implement new policies and announcing new features for Android OS. New advancements were recently announced at the annual Game Developers Conference, in San Francisco.

Here are some of the features that Android game developers can now enjoy:

  • Game Modifications without the need for Updates
  • Predictive Analytics Integration
  • Recording Game Videos
  • Better Optimized Ad Formats for Enhanced Viewing
  • Search Trial Run Ads
  • Portrait Video Ads
  • Active User Targeting for Games
  • Admob Revenue

All these upgrades are absolutely fantastic and developers are going to love them. They can now enjoy the power to tweak games, monetize in-app purchases and get ads across.

What’s there for the users?

Users may not find it that welcoming. People leave their favorite games and apps because of ads that tend to annoy and the option of better video ads may not be a smart idea in that respect. In addition, tweaking games without official updates may also annoy some users. It means that Google needs to think more and do more to be at par with Apple.

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