Startups nowadays are packed with innovative ideas to generate revenues. Ticket Kataao, a startup allows you to turn your car into a billboard and make money.

There are 3 factors that decide how much you can make per month with Ticket Kataao.

  • Whether you own a hatchback or a sedan
  • How much distance you travel each day
  • If you want partial or full vinyl coverage of your car

The founder of Ticket Kataao says that they will consider moving to a more granular level of calculating payouts if the market demands it. Once you’ve decided on branding your car, you start using the company’s app while driving around till you get matched with an advertiser.

For branding the car with high quality vinyl, all costs are covered by Ticket Kataao and a locally manufactured tracker is added to the car. Each advertising campaign lasts around 3 months.

As you’d expect, location and routes matter since advertisers value high traffic and busy commercial areas.

What is important to note is that regardless of what area you drive in, so long as you meet the minimum requirements (30-50 km a day; varies per campaign, area and zone), you’ll get the 20,000 rupees (for a sedan) or 15,000 (for a compact) – the Founder of Ticket Katao.

For monthly payments, Ticket Kataao relies on checks until they automate the system through direct bank transfers.


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