Best Iphone Game: Crashlands


Become Flux Dabes, a galactic trucker whose latest shipment gets derailed by a chin-strapped alien menace named Hewgodooko, leaving you stranded on an alien planet. As you hustle to retrieve your packages you’ll become enmeshed in a nefarious plot of world domination, which will require all of your wits and both of your glutes to overcome. Learn recipes from the local sentient life, make new friends, uncover ancient secrets and deadly bosses, tame everything and build yourself a home-away-from-home as you learn to thrive on planet Woanope. 

Crashlands uses quests to slowly open itself up to the player. You can’t craft any object unless you have a recipe for it, and while new crafting stations will come with a small selection of recipes, you’ll have to find the rest on your own. The critical ones, like new tools, come from the main quests, while optional things like chairs, beds, special carpets, and so on can randomly be found while gathering resources. The optional items make for fun little rewards for players who are diligently collecting resources, but the game’s core structure is built around the big things. It’s easy to lose hours of time following along the little daisy-chains of quests, even though from a gameplay point of view you can stop at any time without losing anything.

The basic premise of the game has some jerk stealing a part from your spaceship, causing you to crash on a nearby planet. You’ll need to repair your ship, but to do that, you’re going to need some parts that can’t exactly be found in the local 7-Eleven. You’re given your first crafting station, told to gather up some grass, and you’re off to the races. At first, you won’t even have access to a weapon. Instead, you’ll get your first crafting tool, a saw, which is automatically incorporated into your character’s suit. Yes, you won’t need to fish around in menus or swap out tools constantly in Crashlands. Whichever tool suits the job is the one your character Flux will use.

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